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Massage school (Hong Kong) – Learn Back Neck 泰式按摩 腳底按摩 學按摩

Learn Thai Massage – Lesson One – Back neck Massage
supported by Wanchai Thai Massage School

Wanchai Thai Massage School offers a Professional Massage Therapy course that is a comprehensive massage course of instruction offering massage training that bridges intellectual discipline with technical expertise. Massage therapy training is one of the fastest-growing areas of health care – an industry itself expanding rapidly.

It is an intensive massage course of instruction that bridges intellectual discipline with technical expertise. Grounded in the value of client centered care, courses in massage theory and practice, communication and ethics in therapeutic relationships, as well as real life clinical experience, are supported and complemented by studies in structure, function and disease of the human body.

Course Duration: 4 classes (1.5 hours per class )

Course Fee: HK$980 per person (2 persons for only HK$1,800 )

Course Schedule: We offer a great flexibility! You can select any available schedule from 10:00 to 22:00 (Every Monday to Saturday).

Course Tutor: All instructors from Thailand (Chinese / English Speaking )

Wanchai Thai Massage School教授專業按摩知識,並提供實際應用訓練,是全面的按摩課程。此泰式按摩療­法課程融會理論知識和技術應用,課程設計基於以客為本的護理原則,包括按摩理論與實踐­和溝通技巧。

課程時間:四堂 (每堂1.5小時)
課程費用:每人港幣 $ 980
課程表:我們提供極大的靈活性,可自由選擇10:00至 18:00(星期一至星期四)


History of erotic massage

In the 17th century genital massage was a medical treatment in Europe to heal women from hysteria. Pieter van Foreest advised this technique in 1653 to cure a disease called “womb disease”. After that several scientists and doctors explored the field of female sex and sexual pleasure. The Kama Sutra, the ancient sex guide, has been around since the tenth century and has been used within (sexual) relationships ever since.

Several massage techniques in both Asia and Europe have been used to help cure several diseases and increase the health of a patient. Erotic massage has existed alongside the more medicinal massage techniques. When massage devices for erotic massage were invented in the 19th century the development speeded up and more people got in touch with erotic massage techniques. Nowadays erotic massage is used within (sexual) relationships and can be performed by a professional masseuse in several parlors. Erotic massage has been accepted as a technique to improve physical and emotional health and boost the sex life of the client. Erotic massage or sexual / sensual massage has come a long way and has proven to be a significant part of our lives around the globe.

Massage at Hong Kong airport

If you are staying at a hotel near the Hong Kong airport it is still possible to enjoy the good massage Hong Kong has to offer. Just keep in mind that it will take a little longer because most massage businesses are located 1 hour from the airport and you probably can expect some transportation costs.

There are 3 hotels that are located nearby the hong kong airport:

Chinese massage

Chinese massage is an ancient tradition that is part of traditional Chinese medicine. This effective and comprehensive massage is also closely related to herbal medicine, acupuncture and acupressure.

5 components of Chinese massage
Chinese massage includes 5 interconnected and overlapping treatment components.

  1. Anmo (pressure and friction). Chinese massage for rejuvenation and maintenance of health.
  2. Tuina (push and grasp). Sophisticated medical massage used to treat injuries, joint and muscle problems and internal disorders.
  3. Infant Tuina. Chinese massage for babies and young children. This differs to the standard treatment.
  4. Dian Xue (under pressure). Use of simple pressure techniques similar to acupressure.
  5. Wai Qi Liao Fa, curing with external qi (energy)

Healing with direct transmission by qigong masters after many years of rigorous training and discipline.

Central to all components is the idea that massage affects the physical body with the Qi body (network of energy) and the mental body (emotions, thoughts and spiritual senses). Chinese Massage primarily focuses on acupoints (Acupuncture) where Qi gathers and can be easily manipulated.The massage techniques are understood to activate qi and blood and regulate, but also to promote relaxation, increase flexibility and stretch the joints.

Objectives of Chinese massage
Since pain is considered a lack of free flow of qi and blood, chinese massage to movement and is therefore considered effective for the treatment of pain.

Anmo massage is for relaxation, to give a balanced full body treatment. A session can last up to 2 hours and is a very deep experience.

Tuina massage for specific health problems and is based on the principles of treatment, specific techniques are combined to treat the complaint and the presentation of the underlying pattern.

Full Service

Hong Kong has always been a city where adult entertainment (as it is called) is important for the local economy. Because prostitution is officially banned, brothels are often hidden under the heading massage parlor. In practice, can you get a massage but often also a full service (= intercourse, sex). Over the phone business will probably not confirm they can offer such services, but when speaking of the possibility of the masseuse a ‘tip’ to give you know that more is possible. Massage salons are in the yellow pages (in every hotel room available) and in local newspapers or online. There could also be escort services, which are called ‘outcall’.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is one of the most common types of massage and is considered a medical procedure.

The Swedish gymnastics teacher Per Hennik Ling is the base support of this massage. He has this massage technique developed on the basis of the gym. That is to say that there is extensive use is made of the bending, twisting and stretching of the muscles and tendons.

It is therefore a firm, but at the same relaxing massage.

What is a Swedish massage

The Swedish massage is used to improve blood and lymph through the body to stimulate. Blood is, as everyone knows circulated through the body with your heart, but what many people do not know is that the lymph through the body to be transported. This occurs by movement of the body, with the right massage techniques can be stimulated transport of waste.

Also a Swedish massage used for adhering muscles to relax and as blockages in the body to solve.

How do you give a Swedish massage

A Swedish massage is always a fixed structure with a 6 many basic operations.

Start with effleurage. These are soft, long, gliding with little pressure on the body.

The following is an Petrissage, this is the kneading of the tissue beneath the skin. Think of kneading and twisting of muscles. But the twisting, rolling and picking up the skin are included. A Petrissage it is important that along with the circulation moving.

For the rest can still be used making tapotement, the rhythmic beat with the side or heel of the hand in regions where tissue is, never do this somewhere where the bone just below the skin, this is not pleasant for the recipient !

After treatment you will feel that you are deeply relaxed, but still not tired like some massages.

When doing a Swedish massage can be used as a massage oil to the resistance between hand and skin to reduce, thus enabling smoother movement over the skin making.