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Have you ever been to China? “Asked representatives of the People’s Republic of China to me when they arrived at the office for information. “According to you, but I think not.” I had been a few times in Taiwan, according to the People’s Republic of China belongs to, but according to an independent Taiwanese state. Taiwan, however, with China the way prostitution appears in common in barber shops, karaoke bars and beauty salons. The tradition in salons to attract customers has come from Japan and then spread to Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong and eventually to China.
The Chinese who visited us were raised to the Netherlands to get ideas on how the AIDS epidemic in their country to fight effectively. This is needed because since the first patient in 1985 has emerged the number of infections has risen dramatically. In 1989 there were three AIDS patients, the end of 2003 there were 840,000. According to the newspaper China Daily was 49.8 percent of new infections in the world of prostitution occur. How they calculate exactly is not known, but it is a fact that men do not comply with condom use.

One of the Chinese who visited The Red Thread was totally shocked when she saw a poster of an exhibition entitled Love for Sale. We could not calm her. That women are part of a delegation is also a sign of the rapid emancipation of Chinese women, a radical break with traditional forms. Confucius and Mencius were not anti-sex and anti-woman, but their successors, the Neo-Confucians did. According to Li, the women had to adhere to conduct the Three Obedience Laws and the Four Virtues. A young woman had her father and her older brothers, assigned by her father, husband to obey. When she became a widow her sons ruled over her. Overall, women lived as slaves until China became communist. Only in 1950 they were given equal rights as men, at least on paper. In practice, however, that equality has not been realized.
The shocked reaction of the Chinese woman in the poster also illustrates the great taboo in China sexuality and everything to do alone. All forms of extramarital sex, homosexuality and rape are referred to as the wonderful term “hooliganism”. Everything arouses lust, we find suspicious. ‘Good women’ were therefore reluctant to sex.
Prostitution is so stigmatized that companies prefer not to accept single men. They can not, should they visit prostitutes, the company’s reputation can affect. In any case, we now acknowledge that prostitution exists. Under the Communists were quite different.They sought a radical end to centuries of prostitution.

History of prostitution in China

Prostitutes arrested in China
A constant factor in the history of prostitution in China is that the state meeprofiteerde.Known to have the first brothels in the Spring and Autumn Period founded (770-418 BC). By the statesman and philosopher Guan Zhong (? -645 BC). He considered the brothels as a source of income for the state . This system of state brothels remained prevalent in the Tang (618-907 AD). And Song dynasties. (960 – 1279 AD). In ancient China, where ordinary women, no education could follow and any contact between men and women met with disapproval, only men were courtesans outside marriage, amusements and a civilized conversation. They stood by their training in dance, literature and music in high regard. This training began whipping their feet on their seventh or eighth year. On their sixteenth they performed in the service of the brothel.The brothels of the lowest class were initially managed by the state, but later pulled it back gradually. The middle class brothels were however in private hands. The Song to the Ming dynasties, state brothels next to the private houses of pleasure exist.
Only in the early Qing Dynasty (1651-1673) determined the Manchu Emperor Shun Chih-Kang-shi, and that local and national governments are not allowed to interfere with brothels. During the Qing dynasty was the prostitution entirely in private hands. In the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) was one progressively more repressive action against brothels. In the nineteenth century, street prostitution is prohibited. From 1911 to 1936 modernized Chinese society, which also had repercussions on prostitution. It took the more ‘Western’ to the limit to certain areas. Soliciting was not allowed and there was a ban on flashy advertising. In Beijing, the brothel being billeted in modern apartment outside the center. This policy, however, achieved moderate success. Brothel owner refused to move and dived all over the cities on illegal brothels where foreign women mostly worked. So we met the demand for prostitution in the cities where many immigrants from Europe without wife lived. Women from the then-poor Japan had a share of the shortage of prostitutes complementary. Since 1911 the police went and checked the brothels, the sex industry tax.
Another constant in the history of Chinese prostitution is that the army was involved, as well as auditor of the brothels in the countryside as a provider of rural women. In the nineteenth century increasingly impoverished countryside. Farmers kept their daughters at home until they had reached marriageable age. This was a heavy burden on these families. One solution was to send daughter to the city.
This is typical for the third constant factor in Chinese prostitution: It is part of major trafficking. Roof wife, for marriage is until recently been a huge problem in China.Women were purchased for many purposes, leased or kidnapped: for marriage, for domestic or for some less popular work. Housekeepers could be sold as a prostitute.Only a few chose themselves living in a brothel above the rather bleak life of a farmer in the countryside.
In 1906 slavery was banned in China but it was only in 1930 but abolished. Afterwards they went on to lease of women. There she adopted from a considerable amount as collateral. The gangs who arranged practiced a true terror in the villages. This system was used to lease and collateral to avoid an accusation of slavery. This is long gone.Late eighties of the last century, newspapers were full of stories about wedding harvesting in China. Men could then difficult to get a suitable wife, and then ordered by criminals, but a bride from another village or town. During that period, a total of 65,000 members of gangs arrested 9000. The police cracked down.


Membership Card triad 19th century
When the Communists came to power, was one of the first things they will press for the abolition of prostitution. On February 3, 1949, just one month after the Red Army had been held in Beijing, the regime announced it would reduce the number of brothels and to go check them more often. In less than two months after the founding of the People’s Republic on October 1, 1949 were more than 2,000 policemen all brothels that Beijing was rich (224) and locks them inside. 1286 prostitutes, 424 brothel owners and pimps were arrested. This was soon followed in other cities. In Shanghai, between 1950 and 1955 5333 prostitutes were arrested. In October 1957 prostitution was totally forbidden by law. But only in 1980 was forced into prostitution for a woman criminal. This is a response to the reappearance of prostitution in the late seventies. In March 1983 it was first recognized. The poor figures in the big cities was collected after the conclusion of more than 600 brothels suggested that from January 1982 to November 1982 11,500 people were involved in prostitution. Of these, more than 1200 brothel owner, prostitute 4200 and 1800 customers. 1500 people received a speeding ticket, 790 were captured and put 662 people were sent to labor camps. Between January 1986 and July 1987 are opened 18 camps for prostitutes. In December 1987 there were already 62. Late eighties, it still tougher action against prostitution. According to an official report in 1991 alone were more than 30,000 sex workers sent to labor camps. Some brothel owners were even sentenced to death as part of the fight against the six sins: pornography, drugs, gambling, alcoholism, prostitution and superstition. There are now 62 re-education camps for prostitutes in China. Between 1982 and 1997, two million arrests made in connection with prostitution. During that same period, the number of convictions for indecent acts with minors. We do not know whether this was for prostitution or immoral behavior. But it is very painful that young girls could be convicted of indecent behavior with older people. The border minority in China is at 14 years.
Vagrants and prostitutes but also foreigners are the major victims of human rights violations in China.In the immense population of China with its 1.3 billion people, prostitution visible again. It is usually referred to as San Pei, ie ’three types of company’: to talk, dance and drink. But actually meant drinking, laughing and sharing the bed. San Pei in 1999 although this is forbidden treasure economist Yang Fan prostitution that six percent of the gross national product. 3-20 There were one million prostitutes working in China, a strange number with an error margin of about 600 percent.
There were seven categories of prostitutes. First there are the ‘second wives’ paid mistresses. Then there are the courtesans who stop in the big hotels. In the luxury hotels in one night, they deserve an amount equal to three monthly salaries. The hoteliers may recruit the women themselves. Thirdly, the “karaoke girls. They try by “fun” to customers to come. The massage girl belongs to the fourth category. Many brothels advertise themselves as places for foot massage. In some parts of China, massage is prohibited below the shoulder, but foot massage is just allowed. The girls in the hairdressers are in fifth place. They work in seemingly ordinary salons. One of the workers can actually cut.There is also relatively simple hairdressing tools available, but the only male customers with stylists dressed the sexy back. The women peeking through mirrors out to potential customers to spot. through body language makes clear the possibilities. The women working ten hours of the morning until three hours at night. The owner pays the food but the women have to cook. Even when there are no customers, the women stay inside.These stylists are very popular, said a tourist on the Internet that in one village more than sixteen of the cases seen. The sixth form of prostitution is practiced by the ‘factory girl’, a woman who visits the construction sites. Also work at gas stations. Relatively new is that street prostitution is allowed in designated areas.
According to Zi Teng, the sister organization of The Red Thread in Hong Kong, women in the south relatively independently. But most women have a ‘manager’ them from the countryside to the city and has coached 20 to 50 percent of earnings int. This does not apply to the many Korean women working in China. They must be twelve months for a boss in exchange for clothes, food and shelter. They then Fri They are popular because they were cheaper and less businesslike than Chinese women.
China imports not only women but exports them to other workers. The latest wave of immigration began around 1980 and is a consequence of the modernization policy that went on stream around 1980. China set up the borders to foreign trade and abolished state subsidies, which many Chinese people became unemployed.

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