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Hong Kong Timelapse

Finally here.. my HD timelapse of Hong Kong, shot during June and July 2010. Apologies for the delay in getting this produced, Windows Live Movie Maker couldn’t handle the massive filesizes and bitrates very well so the clips were almost impossible to cut in the right places. A few updates later made it much more efficient and manageable, hence the video being completed now rather than August.

Hong Kong Timelapse HD

Two beautiful time-lapses of Hong Kong in HD. Enjoy!!


Hong Kong Skyline

The skyline for many the main reason to come to Hong Kong. You have the best view of the skyscrapers from the promenade at the Star Ferry Terminal in southern Kowloon. By evening, people come here for walking, skating, fishing or just a bench to sit and enjoy the view on the other side of the water. As the sun sets, you will treated to a spectacular light show.

Hotel Hong Kong

Finding a suitable hotel in Hong Kong is easy, since there are various hotels for all tastes and needs. Although, I must say that there are some of the most modern and spectacular hotels in the world.