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Massage parlors in Hong Kong

There are many massage parlors in Hong Kong, especially in the Kowloon peninsula, just north of Hong Kong Island. And finding that massage dens are easy but because Kowloon is made up of many neighborhoods, but choosing the best hotel location in Hong Kong will make your holidays more fun and easy. First there are a sauna, massage service in large commercial buildings operate.

Hong Kong Timelapse

Finally here.. my HD timelapse of Hong Kong, shot during June and July 2010. Apologies for the delay in getting this produced, Windows Live Movie Maker couldn’t handle the massive filesizes and bitrates very well so the clips were almost impossible to cut in the right places. A few updates later made it much more efficient and manageable, hence the video being completed now rather than August.

Hong Kong Districts

Hong Kong is divided into 18 districts. The 18 districts are divided into three areas. Hong Kong Island is the original colony in 1842, Hong Kong has the financial core of its northern coast. Kowloon is located north of Victoria Harbor, the southern part of Kowloon was paid in 1860. The much larger New Territories was the latest addition to the territory of Hong Kong in 1898.

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Hong Kong is one of the major business centers of Asia. The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Victoria Harbour is a great reflection of this. This center opened its doors in 1997, just before Hong Kong was annexed to China. An older section dates from 1988. The old and the new section, located on an artificial island, connected by a bridge. The roof of the new building looks like a bird. The gigantic complex takes almost 6.5 hectares. Pedestrian tunnels, the building is connected to the Central Plaza Tower, hotels and other commercial buildings.

Hong Kong Subway

Hong Kong’s metro is much later date than that of other world cities. Only in the years 1960 and 1970 was, by the enormous growth of the Hong Kong population and the demand for accessibility, a plan for a metro network in Hong Kong presented. Finally in 1975 the plunge and started building the Kwun Tong Line between Kwun Tong and Shek Kip Mei, who in 1979 was put into use.

Hong Kong history

The area has been inhabited some 5000 years. When excavations are objects from the Neolithic found, indicating the influence of the northern Chinese Stone Age culture (Longshan). Later the area was populated by Han Chinese during the Song dynasty between 970 and 1279 came from North China. Hong Kong however, the Chinese government took a long time a rather modest place.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong consists of about 260 islands, each with tunnels, bridges and ferries are connected.

Hong Kong Museum of Art

The spacious brick building, the Hong Kong Museum of Art on the waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui houses a collection of Chinese calligraphy and delicate landscapes. The highlights of this museum include the 17th-century poems in flowing script characters,huge sculptures from the Qing dynasty and temporary collections of local artists.

Stanley Market – Lively market by the sea

The huge covered market in Stanley has taken advantage of recent developments. The stalls of Stanley Market are good articles and factory rejects Chinese crafts sold. There are also decent restaurants. Favorite bargains are linen jackets, silk ties and processed jade. The bus ride alone is worth waard.Toon-mail this topic on map