Massage parlors in Hong Kong

18 juni 2012 | Hong Kong,Massage,Nightlife

There are many massage parlors in Hong Kong, especially in the Kowloon peninsula, just north of Hong Kong Island. And finding that massage dens are easy but because Kowloon is made up of many neighborhoods, but choosing the best hotel location in Hong Kong will make your holidays more fun and easy. First there are a sauna, massage service in large commercial buildings operate.

These devices are usually a package deal, where you use the sauna facilities, karaoke to women, food and snacks and of course sexual services requirements. Depending sauna massage establishment is not the place you go you can expect to pay a premium price. Then there are the massage dens located in the apartment that also serves as the masseuses’ to take home. Getting a massage and special services in these devices does not get as much pampering as you would in a sauna, massage. However, the massage services in caves are much more affordable. Now the best places to stay in Kowloon in several popular areas such as Mongkok, Tsim Tsa Tsui and Jordan.

The good thing is that you can walk through each of these areas really easily because they are close together and they are in the central part of Kowloon, where numerous restaurants, shops and especially where many trains MTR stations are located. So you can easily walk to the girlie bars and massage dens in Hong Kong island. Finding a sauna, massage parlors are easy since they are very visible. Finding holes massage can be a bit trickier.

However, there is a very popular website based in Hong Kong, with pictures of ladies, where they are and show the services they offer. So if the massage parlors you want and need when you are in Hong Kong, go to Kowloon districts. That’s where all the action is.

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