Tantric Massage

18 juni 2012 | Massage

A tantric massage is a full body massage, with the energetic work of complete relaxation and ecstasy may result. One of the elements of Tantra is respectful touch and massage. Many people experience the touch and very healing and nurturing. Tantric massage differs from other massages by, using the body as input to generate energy and commitment, the gentle form of massage and the amount of massage oil, and the total body massage, using natural elements such as forms of massage; perhaps unusual use of massage techniques and tools.

Choose a tantric massage, you’re with me without clothes, unless you object to it. All take place, not really. It is important that both knows its own limits. The energy is connected, especially the second chakra (the sexchakra), the fourth chakra (heart chakra) in a total ecstatic experience can provide, especially if you can surrender yourself completely to the enjoyment of the massage.Perhaps unknown techniques are used in Tantra and Taoism are very normal.

The massage

The massage is combined with Tantric and Taoist influences or elements thereof, for which energy generated by the body to flow through the chakras, which in turn communicates them to meet. I start sensing the energy and, if possible, a first start to recover energy when disturbed. Then the natural elements are addressed. Back, legs, buttocks and feet with the hands, mouth and body massage, a lot of oil used. The chakras are activated and the first to start connecting. Then the face and head massage, the breast, legs and the vajra (men) with hand, foot and body massage.Again, a lot of oil. The vajra with Taoist massage strokes.

Energetic link

Besides the energy transfer and the vajrah massage, there is room for an anal massage if desired. Furthermore, the elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether are discussed.

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    Hey there,

    I’m keen in your tantric massage, could you give me your address and also let me know how much is your charges?

    90mins ? I wil be traveling to HK next month & would definitely visit your place.

    Appreciate your reply.