Erotic massage Hong Kong

13 februari 2011 | Massage

Erotic massage or sensual massage is a massage technique in order to arouse sexual feelings or strengthen. Have a long history of erotic massage hong kong. Nowadays it is by couples as part of foreplay or sexual love-game set. Erotic massages are especially focused on the erogenous zones of the body to excite sexual desire.

Massages described as erotic massage hong kong may indeed have sexual massage. The sex may be additional. A happy ending or happy ending means that the masseur or masseuse masturbates at the end customer. With a body-to-body massage the bodies rubbed together. For companies that massage, the massage also called marginal. It is a veiled term for a brothel.

Erotic massage is also offered as a service such as massages tantric massage (known as the ‘happy ending‘). In this case, the massage erotic also be regarded as a form of sex therapy. It is a form of sexual massage which ends with an orgasm through mutual masturbation, oral sex and even sexual intercourse.

In a professional environment is an erotic massage closely related to prostitution instead of a professional massage and most massage therapists who practice these are usually poorly qualified or not qualified.

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  • 1 nit Says:

    hi i am looking to book an tantric massage on 26 of april can u send me the details how much price,photos of the masseur/masseuse

  • 2 admin Says:

    Hi, 90min is $700

  • 3 pedro lima Says:

    I will be in town this thursday and would like to book a 2 hour special massage.

    Kindly confirm the fees envolved and the available girls.

    THank you.

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