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Hong Kong Timelapse HD

Two beautiful time-lapses of Hong Kong in HD. Enjoy!!

Hong Kong Accommodation

With over 50,000 rooms Hong Kong a huge range of accommodation options for every budget, from modest guest houses and hostels to opulent hotels with all variations in between. You can view over the port or bathed in the light of the city residents, but a more rural setting or a beach property is also a possibility. Wherever you stay, excellent public scheduled ensures that all Hong Kong attractions close at hand.


Victoria Harbour

This is a natural harbor, where the old Chinese junks and container ships criss-crosssail. Course also do sailing, fun, spring and police boats to this port. Typically, the Chinese Wallah Wallah’s, small motorized taxi boats. These were for the arrival of the tunnel connection with Hong Kong Island is the only means of transport to this island.

Hong Kong Skyline

The skyline for many the main reason to come to Hong Kong. You have the best view of the skyscrapers from the promenade at the Star Ferry Terminal in southern Kowloon. By evening, people come here for walking, skating, fishing or just a bench to sit and enjoy the view on the other side of the water. As the sun sets, you will treated to a spectacular light show.

Massage Prices

On yet another tour of Hong Kong I find myself comparing prices for a “Special Masaage”. My original Musical score rounds out an interesting video.

Metro and taxis in Hong Kong

We called the taxi, but take – if possible – public  transport! Hong Kong has an extensiveand well-functioning subway  system that takes you anywhere without being stopped intraffic and late  for appointments appear. Taxis are particularly suitable  for shortdistances outside peak  hours. The rates are relatively low. But try on a rainy Friday  night to find you a taxi from Causeway Bay to Kowloon (mainland) brings. I  have heldten and have ten times zero on the petition received (and  am in the meantime, another incredibly wet rain). Had I known earlier, I  would have – as I later would recommend Coco – the subway and I  was taken in less than ten minutes on  the mainland have. Thesubway is a number of transport and the taxi is  suitable for distances of the last metro station to the destination to  go.

From the airport to downtown Hong Kong

The journey from the airport to downtown Hong Kong is about 20 to 30 minutes. You can choose from different modes of transport: train, bus or taxi. Keep in mind that Hong Kong may be one of the best organized cities in the world. Even the most inexperienced tourists will easily find your way.

Which vehicle you choose depends mainly on your budget. I chose the most expensiveway, the taxi. In hindsight it was a rather unfortunate choice. Not only was most likely the slowest way to get to downtown, the taxi driver tried to even a higher amount thanthe usual fare from dragging. Fortunately I had learned from the information that the ride from the airport to Causeway Bay 320 cost Hong Kong Dollars (at current exchange rate is approximately 32 euros).

The taxi driver wanted 450 Hong Kong dollars terms but refused to when I decided to pay that amount, he turned his steps.

For the way I chose the train. This is very easy. You check your already in the station in central Hong Kong for your flight, you will check in luggage and then you go wherever you want. When you’re ready to go to the airport, go down and the train brings you in 20 minutes at their destination.

The Peak Tram

There is no better way to picturesque Victoria Peak, Hong Kong’s most popular tourist attraction, to reach than the equally breathtaking Peak Tram. The Peak Tram was opened in 1888 for exclusive use by the British Governor and the inhabitants of the Peak. Until today, this historic department’s steepest funicular in the world. The trip takes only eight minutes and offers passengers spectacular views of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and Victoria Harbour that slowly unfolds as the tram climbs.

Peak tram Hong Kong

The Peak Tram is open from 7 am to noon and departs every 15 minutes from the Lower Peak Tram Terminus on Garden Road in Central. Daytime or evening, the ride is just spectacular. You can pay the exact amount or an Octopus Card. For users of the Star Ferry, is an open double-decker shuttle bus to Central Pier 7 connects with Tram Terminus.

Hong Kong Nightlife

Hong Kong has a very diverse range in the field of entertainment in the city. In terms of cultural activities has the option to choose between opera, theater, dance performances and a lot of concerts. Bars and bars have not been very popular in the city of Hong Kong, but today’s young generation has an increase in the number of bars provided. The most famous neighborhood for a good bar to visit is Lan Kwai Fong. Also a popular area to go is Wan Chai, which in the past, particularly known for its striptease and topless service, but today one of the hottest entertainment districts in the city of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Nightlive

Do you find the less tourist facilities, it can be in the Soho district of Causeway Bay, Eastern look. Moreover one finds throughout the city has a lot of karaoke bars where young and old, their talent in singing to the public to hear. Fans of clubs and lounge bars to include in One Fifth, Sky Lounge, and Club 71 Yumla correctly. Perhaps nice to know that on Wednesday many bars in Wan Chai “ladies night” and offer free drinks to the female visitors.
Every evening at eight hours is the time for the Hong Kong Symphony of Lights, the largest permanent light and sound show in all the earth. The show takes place in the Victoria Harbour and includes fascinating laser lights that are blasted into space.