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05 februari 2011 | Hong Kong,Tourism

With over 50,000 rooms Hong Kong a huge range of accommodation options for every budget, from modest guest houses and hostels to opulent hotels with all variations in between. You can view over the port or bathed in the light of the city residents, but a more rural setting or a beach property is also a possibility. Wherever you stay, excellent public scheduled ensures that all Hong Kong attractions close at hand.


Many luxury hotels in Hong Kong are among the best in the world. Major international chains are well represented along with a large selection of local and regional hotels. All listed hotels offer a contemporary decor and modern amenities, and you can express your wishes using the search facility.

Note: In addition to the quoted room rates is still 3 percent state tax and a service fee of 10 percent unless otherwise stated.

For transport from the airport to the hotels of Hong Kong, see About the Airport.

Hong Kong Hotels Association

Visitors who arrive at the airport without a hotel reservation for help contact the Hotel Reservation Centres in Buffer Hall just after customs. The counters are open daily from 07.00 am to noon. These Centres can arrange accommodation at no extra charge for each hotel member of the Hong Kong Hotels Association (HKHA) on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. Getting to these hotels can be arranged.

Cheap Accommodation

Guesthouses and hostels in Hong Kong are a convenient and affordable option for travelers on a tight budget. The facilities are limited, but most have air conditioning and a private shower and toilet. The government maintains a list of approved hotels and guesthouses.

Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme Visitor Accommodation

The QTS Scheme makes it easy to find budget accommodation that you can trust.Under the scheme falls under the administration of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, QTS-accredited visitor accommodation is annually subjected to a rigorous assessment to ensure the highest possible standards in service are maintained.


The youth hostels of the YMCA and YWCA in Hong Kong are more like 3-4 star hotels with similar prices. Young people with a minimum budget can choose from seven hostels run by the Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association. Most of these youth hostels located in the New Territories (including the Outlying Islands) and is fairly remote. Most are however in scenic areas (one located at the top of a mountain) and close to outdoor activities such as hiking trails and a marine park (protected marine area). To connect the city and back is no problem. You can book online. This saves time and you are assured that you have accommodation when you arrive in Hong Kong.

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