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05 februari 2011 | Massage,Shiatsu

An erotic massage is a perfect way to express love. It is the most tender and loving action you can give your partner. You will physically very close to each other and it is the way to a step up on the stage of sexual gratification. You may have read that the erogenous zones of the woman sitting across the body, so an erotic massage is the perfect way to these places to find sexual pleasure and your partner to increase. You do not have expert in Shiatsu or Tantra techniques to achieve a good massage. All that is needed is your willingness to find out what your partner enjoys.

Here are some steps to give your partner an erotic massage which they certainly will not forget. Use them as a guide and discover the best result by experimenting:

First ensure the right atmosphere and a friendly familiar environment: dim light candles and romantic music with a taste that make an erotic atmosphere that you want to create. Turn your phone off and keep massage oils and a towel handy. You want all your senses with the erotic massage, so make sure you both can relax and not be distracted or disturbed.

Make sure your partner can lie down and can feel comfortable, for example a soft blanket to lay on the floor or a massage table or a bed. Let her lie on a towel, because there is oil spill. Maybe they have a pillow under her head, if that’s more comfortable for her.

Make sure you ahead of time you put your attributes done, so you do not have to look for something. Choose your massage. Make sure you only massage oil on water used for vaginal infections to prevent (but does not use oil with nonoxynol-9). You can also opt for a massage with a sexy scent, like lavender.

If you choose the right massage oil is created, add some to your hands and rub them against each other once. This will keep your hands and the oil is not too cold and more pleasant for your partner.

Let her lie naked with her face down and rub her with the following basic massage techniques:

sweeping massage movements: Best used when massaging large body parts, such as the back. With open hands and long reach sensual. Small Detailed Strokes: For smaller, more complicated parts such as shoulders, hands and feet. The movements should be firm and short. Try areas where bones are close to the skin to avoid.

Kneading: A quick movement of the hips, buttocks and other fleshy parts. Use your thumbs and index fingers of both hands to rhythmically squeeze the skin and releasing.

Circling: A good basic technique for areas like the back and shoulders. Place both hands palm down and move in opposite directions. sit on your hands if you want to add pressure.

Start with a gentle back massage. Use circular motions on the shoulder. Move down to the middle of the back here and use the long sweeping massage strokes, letting you use your thumbs to the spine. Finish by kneading her buttocks.

Neck massage: Apply some massage oil on your hands and place your hands so that your fingers are on top of her chest facing down and the inside of your thumbs touch the bottom of her neck. Now move your hands over the shoulders out and slide them around under the neck.

Let her turn over. First massage her chest through the palm of your right hand diagonally across her right breast to her left to slide. Do the same on the left. Repeat 6 times on each side. Leave some massage oil on her breasts fall and use your finger to make a spiral. Start at the outer edge and is slowly making a spiral movement to her nipples.

Go to her abdomen with gentle movements. Then massage her arms and hands and move slowly to her legs. You can now do occasionally teasing her genitals by touching the inside of her legs to work. This will excite your partner and you to the next step of bringing the erotic massage.

Now you’re on the wagon Genital massage. If you’ve come this far, you can still use your free hand to the rest of her body to pamper. Start by using your fingers you’ve immersed in gentle rhythmic massage circular motions around her clit. Keep an eye on her reaction (and hopefully stimulants screaming) to see if you need to move faster or slower.

If all goes well, you can use your finger into the vagina and rhythmic movements continue. Move your fingers and turn to all sides of her vagina. Please note that changing the shape of her vagina as she gets more excited. Keep it survive until the time they can no longer hold and cums. Of course they know you now an erotic massage, but chances are that they become so excited that they immediately want to hot sex. And who can blame you if you’ve done your job well?!

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