History of erotic massage

11 januari 2011 | Massage

In the 17th century genital massage was a medical treatment in Europe to heal women from hysteria. Pieter van Foreest advised this technique in 1653 to cure a disease called “womb disease”. After that several scientists and doctors explored the field of female sex and sexual pleasure. The Kama Sutra, the ancient sex guide, has been around since the tenth century and has been used within (sexual) relationships ever since.

Several massage techniques in both Asia and Europe have been used to help cure several diseases and increase the health of a patient. Erotic massage has existed alongside the more medicinal massage techniques. When massage devices for erotic massage were invented in the 19th century the development speeded up and more people got in touch with erotic massage techniques. Nowadays erotic massage is used within (sexual) relationships and can be performed by a professional masseuse in several parlors. Erotic massage has been accepted as a technique to improve physical and emotional health and boost the sex life of the client. Erotic massage or sexual / sensual massage has come a long way and has proven to be a significant part of our lives around the globe.

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