Hot stone massage

11 februari 2011 | Massage

Hot stone massage has flourished the last couple of years. Almost every spa, massage salon and masseuse offers a hot stone massage these days. This massage technique differs a bit from more traditional techniques because of the use of stones as an attribute in the treatment. Instead of using hands, fingers and arms to massage a client, the stones do most on the work.

A hot stone massage can relax both body and mind. That a hot stone massage gives the client a great sense of relaxation in the mind is well known, but it also has several benefits for the body. The hot stones are used to release stress in muscles and speed up the blood circulation to help the body get rid of toxins faster. It relaxes the muscles and relieves stress in the body.

The stones that are used for a hot stone massage are heated and cold. They are used to massage the body with its temperature. The masseuse will cover the client in essential oils and place the stones on the seven chakras, known from traditional Chinese medicine, and on the hands and feet. The hot lava stones will be heated up to a temperature of 61 C which makes the muscles and mind relax during the massage.

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