Lingam Massage

04 februari 2011 | Massage

Lingam massage is a special form of touching the intimate parts of the man.

Unlike mutual masturbation or lovemaking come here for many forms of touch. The goal is not to reach orgasm very quickly, because this is the inclination of the sexual energy shortage would. The building tension arises in part by a variable speed: slow down and allow rapid exchange movements through both the sensation experience surprise moments when the tention rise. Moreover alternate sliding, crushing, rougher and tender movements off. In this massage the testicles, penis and the prostate taken as desired. Stroking movements over the body shall ensure that the accumulated energy is distributed throughout the body, which is often through relaxation and deep breathing shows.

On request, this time with a deeper breathing technique taught, which makes the enjoyment even more Steigen and the tension builds in the body. Among the healing aspect, this massage with other therapeutic treatments are very successful time for problems with ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. It is also suitable for men with prostate problems.

This is nothing demanding massage, which slowly builds up the pleasure, can totally new sensations and experiences in the male body forward call. At the end is usually the climax, which does not need because the energy is quite different. Sometimes the tenderness important when it reached orgasm.
Not reaching a climax is the goal, but the way there. In a 5-coursemenu is not just for the dessert …

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