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24 januari 2011 | Head,Massage

Learn Thai Massage – Lesson Six – Head Massage
supported by Wanchai Thai Massage School, hong kong

Wanchai Thai Massage School offers a Professional Massage Therapy course that is a comprehensive massage course of instruction offering massage training that bridges intellectual discipline with technical expertise. Massage therapy training is one of the fastest-growing areas of health care – an industry itself expanding rapidly.

It is an intensive massage course of instruction that bridges intellectual discipline with technical expertise. Grounded in the value of client centered care, courses in massage theory and practice, communication and ethics in therapeutic relationships, as well as real life clinical experience, are supported and complemented by studies in structure, function and disease of the human body.

Course Duration: 4 classes (1.5 hours per class )

Course Fee: HK$980 per person (2 persons for only HK$1,800 )

Course Schedule: We offer a great flexibility! You can select any available schedule from 10:00 to 22:00 (Every Monday to Saturday).

Course Tutor: All instructors from Thailand (Chinese / English Speaking )

Wanchai Thai Massage School教授專業按摩知識,並提供實際應用訓練,是全面的按摩課程。此泰式按摩療­­法課程融會理論知識和技術應用,課程設計基於以客為本的護理原則,包括按摩理論與實­踐­和溝通技巧。

課程時間:四堂 (每堂1.5小時)
課程費用:每人港幣 $ 980
課程表:我們提供極大的靈活性,可自由選擇10:00至 18:00(星期一至星期四)

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