Prostate massage

05 februari 2011 | Massage

Like women, men have a G-spot which can cause an intense sexual experience. Encouraging the hot spot and prostate massage can be a nice variation in your sex life!

Yes, prostate massage is through the anus
While many men prefer not to think the anus is a special place during intercourse. The anus is part of the pelvic floor where the genitals are located. During the male orgasm pulls together the anus. Moreover, the anus has many nerve endings which contact can feel very intense.

Stimulation of only the sphincter during sex can already deliver an intense experience. Prostate Massage goes a little deeper, literally.The prostate is a piece which is in the anus.

What does the prostate and why should I give him prostate massage?
The prostate is a gland where the fluid for semen is produced. By stimulating this gland, he turned to action. It is therefore even possible to prostate massage orgasm only to arouse all the feelings that would normally be at a look.

Indeed, the feeling that builds up during a prostate massage can be more intense than during a normal orgasm. Therefore, it is fun to experiment with it, because as a man in this way can experience a huge orgasm.

How is prostate massage work?
It is not as difficult as it sounds. You can do yourself or your partner can do it. The man lies on his back with his knees pulled to chest. The other slides with the middle finger in the anus. Use preferably some lubricant. Make sure the anus is relaxed while this is happening.

Move your finger from the inside a little forward towards the penis.Here you will feel a small round bulge. This is the prostate. Do not worry, the prostate is still behind a piece of skin. He hangs there are not ‘free’ or something.

Then you go now to prostate massage: Pat gently over the prostate and see how it feels. One prefers slightly heavier than the other. Build it gently and see what happens. The response in prostate massage is not the same for everyone. The one is fond of pleasure, others find it uncomfortable and feels there is not much to.

Prostate Massage? But is not that dirty?
If you are going to have sex before you wash your anus well in the shower, there is nothing wrong. Also, use something like greasy lubricant, then there is nothing to hang during the prostate massage.Yes, the finger can be a bit sensitive to smell. You can then just wash your hands or take it with a cloth. Remember that prostate massage is not something you do on your first date.

Do it only if you trust each other and you both ready. Moreover, you are not afraid of each other and open to it. Prostate massage can be for him an intense and emotional experience. If it succeeds, you have a prostate massage with a fun new experience in bed!

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