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Reflexology is a very old practice of alternative healing which is also referred to as zone therapy. The general idea of reflexology is that areas of the foot correspond with certain intestines and other areas of the body. Also areas of the ears or hands can be used within this treatment. Acupressure and acupuncture are closely related to reflexology since they share the idea that areas of the body can be addressed by treating other areas that correspond with the sore spots. Although reflexologists have different approaches to bringing the basic idea into practice, getting a reflexology treatment at a clinic where you feel at ease and comfortable can be quite beneficial.



In a treatment the therapist will discuss the current health issues to have a general idea what the main reason of the visit is. He or she will search for sore areas and energy blockages by examining the foot or hand. The most common therapy is foot reflexology where the therapist will examine the foot and start with a little warm up. Slowly but steady all the areas of the foot will be treated by applying pressure and focus on problem areas when needed. During the whole treatment the client should be able to relax and feel comfortable; the therapy should not hurt or feel uncomfortable.

Science and reflexology

Although scientists tend to be a bit skeptic about alternative medicine, a lot of clients have great experiences and benefits after a reflexology session. First and foremost it offers a great feeling of relaxation. During the session the client will be able to relax in a comfortable environment treated by a professional therapist that has its focus on the clients’ requests and health issues only. Since the treatment is based on applying pressure on certain bodily areas to treat other areas, the client will not experience uncomfortable kneading or pressure which can happen during a sports massage for instance. Besides the relaxed and even reborn feeling this treatment gives, certain clients will feel released of small aches like stress, insomnia and headaches. Please consult your doctor for serious health issues to make sure you get the needed treatment, reflexology is not a proven medical treatment for sickness and serious health issues.


The main focus of reflexology is treating energy blockages. Therapists believe that the body has its own energy flow called ‘Qi’. When this energy flow is disrupted or blocked this can cause small health issues. By treating these blockages and making sure the energy can flow through the body freely clients can feel lighter and energized. The relaxed feeling can carry for quite some time, which makes the benefits from a treatment last relatively long. By focusing on the individual needs and treating organs and other parts of the body this treatment can make a client feel happy and healthy afterwards.

The principle of reflexology

The basic principle of reflexology is that the body is divided in several zones. There are ten zones, five on each side of the body. On the hands and feet the organs and parts of the body are represented. A certain part is connected to the kidneys for example, reflexologists believe that by treating the corresponding area on the hand or foot can help treat health issues with the kidneys. Also health issues and energy blockages can be found by treating the hand or foot. A reflexologist will apply pressure and massage the problem areas on the corresponding areas on the hand or foot to try to help treat the health issues and make sure the energy can flow freely.

When a client is looking for a nice and relaxing moment a reflexology treatment can be a very good choice. It can help with certain health issues, but it is not a proven medical treatment. When coping with headaches, stress and tiredness a reflexology treatment can be the one thing to help out and give the client a nice relaxing feeling like no other.

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