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Body to Body Massage

Massage is often done only with the hands, but in fact you can use the body as a massage tool. When body to body massage lubrication your body I first preheated with oil and then slide with my bare hands and upper body all over you. At both the front-as a the back side. Most people find this the most pleasant way of massaging. The massage is a combination of relaxation and eroticism. The massage is combined with a B2B and tantra is applied.

Prostate massage

Like women, men have a G-spot which can cause an intense sexual experience. Encouraging the hot spot and prostate massage can be a nice variation in your sex life!

Erotic Massage, Thai Massage, Shiatsu & Tantra

An erotic massage is a perfect way to express love. It is the most tender and loving action you can give your partner. You will physically very close to each other and it is the way to a step up on the stage of sexual gratification. You may have read that the erogenous zones of the woman sitting across the body, so an erotic massage is the perfect way to these places to find sexual pleasure and your partner to increase. You do not have expert in Shiatsu or Tantra techniques to achieve a good massage. All that is needed is your willingness to find out what your partner enjoys.

Lingam Massage

Lingam massage is a special form of touching the intimate parts of the man.

Unlike mutual masturbation or lovemaking come here for many forms of touch. The goal is not to reach orgasm very quickly, because this is the inclination of the sexual energy shortage would. The building tension arises in part by a variable speed: slow down and allow rapid exchange movements through both the sensation experience surprise moments when the tention rise. Moreover alternate sliding, crushing, rougher and tender movements off. In this massage the testicles, penis and the prostate taken as desired. Stroking movements over the body shall ensure that the accumulated energy is distributed throughout the body, which is often through relaxation and deep breathing shows.

On request, this time with a deeper breathing technique taught, which makes the enjoyment even more Steigen and the tension builds in the body. Among the healing aspect, this massage with other therapeutic treatments are very successful time for problems with ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. It is also suitable for men with prostate problems.

This is nothing demanding massage, which slowly builds up the pleasure, can totally new sensations and experiences in the male body forward call. At the end is usually the climax, which does not need because the energy is quite different. Sometimes the tenderness important when it reached orgasm.
Not reaching a climax is the goal, but the way there. In a 5-coursemenu is not just for the dessert …

Massage Prices

On yet another tour of Hong Kong I find myself comparing prices for a “Special Masaage”. My original Musical score rounds out an interesting video.

Body Massage Therapy Full Demonstration 4 Relaxation

You have probably heard of many different types of massage such as Japanese massage, Yoni Massage, Thai Massage, Swedish massage, Tantra Massage, etc.

Here is a back massage for relaxation.

Massage Hong Kong island

On Hong Kong island there are not as much massage parlours as in Kowloon. So it could be a challenge to get a massage quickly when you need one. Especially in the evening and night time. You could try a massage in the comfort of your own hotel room this is probably even more quickly then go outside and look for a parlor and the prices are not even that expensive. So just try a hotel massage outcall service. There are a lot, the better ones you can find on this website.


China Massage Country

Have you ever been to China? “Asked representatives of the People’s Republic of China to me when they arrived at the office for information. “According to you, but I think not.” I had been a few times in Taiwan, according to the People’s Republic of China belongs to, but according to an independent Taiwanese state. Taiwan, however, with China the way prostitution appears in common in barber shops, karaoke bars and beauty salons. The tradition in salons to attract customers has come from Japan and then spread to Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong and eventually to China.
The Chinese who visited us were raised to the Netherlands to get ideas on how the AIDS epidemic in their country to fight effectively. This is needed because since the first patient in 1985 has emerged the number of infections has risen dramatically. In 1989 there were three AIDS patients, the end of 2003 there were 840,000. According to the newspaper China Daily was 49.8 percent of new infections in the world of prostitution occur. How they calculate exactly is not known, but it is a fact that men do not comply with condom use.

Let your energy flow with Shiatsu

Japanese Massage

Shiatsu is a traditional form of Japanese massage that evolved in China and has its roots in oriental medicine. During this last century, shiatsu in Japan refined into a very efficient tool to your energy into balance.

Shiatsu uses the same principles as other traditional Chinese medical systems – understanding yin and yang and the Five Elements, ki-energy and understanding of oriental diagnosis. Shiatsu brings this body of knowledge together in a practical, earthy and intuitive form of massage is increasingly popular in recent years.
The aim of shiatsu is to restore harmony and balance the chi of the recipient. An experienced shiatsu therapist is able to determine what the client needs to him / her back a sense of harmony and wellbeing to give the treatment. Whether we experienced shiatsu therapists or not, we all know how well a touch a soothing as a stimulant effect on our ki (vital energy). Whether we hold someone who is sad to comfort him, a sore on our body touch or a colleague on the back knocking him to congratulate his success, these are all intuitive and spontaneous use of touch.

A balancing act
A therapist learns, as an acupuncturist, that many different causes of ki-imbalance can be. Imbalance can be caused by external factors – such as changes in climate or weather – or internal factors such as emotional turmoil by grief, anger, anxiety and so on. Other factors may include the lifestyle of the client, the amount of stress in his life, what he eats and the level of physical activity or lack thereof. The client to question and some traditional forms of oriental diagnosis using the shiatsu therapist assess the condition of the client more yin or yang, which element support or leisure needs, which organs need support and that meridians of the body require attention .
A shiatsu treatment usually lasts one hour, and unlike other forms of massage, you do not have to undress. Your tends to wear light, loose cotton clothing. You is not on a special massage table but on a comfortable mattress (futon), mostly on the ground.

Different approaches
Shiatsu has many different approaches, styles and schools. In general, a shiatsu treatment begins with loosening and stretching of limbs, palm, elbow or even a slight pressure of the foot of the therapist, for example, your back to loosen. This is often followed by more specific work where the therapist focuses on tsubos or points, which the thumb of the therapist can be activated or released. Usually, there are a lot of attention to what the Japanese call the hara – our gut, the area around the navel. This is the central part of your body. Release tension in this region is essential for good chi flow to the periphery – the arms, legs, skin, head and neck.
Following a Shiatsu treatment you often feel relaxed, centered and at ease. Even if you have certain parts of the procedure is a tad uncomfortable, then you do afterwards in any event aware of what you can do to bring harmony and balance to maintain. A therapist usually gives you advice on diet, lifestyle or exercise to allow you to take more responsibility for your energy in the future to maintain. The effect is not always immediately visible. The changes are made in your energy, your first couple of hours to give a sense of disharmony rather than harmony. It often happens that after the treatment of certain emotions or pain or discomfort to the surface. Usually follows after a deep, refreshing sleep. You feel great the next day!

Inspirational encounters
I started to study shiatsu in 1976 and by 1979 I taught and treatments. During the last ten years I have had the honor to meet different ki-specialists who have their roots in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Malaysia and they all had one thing in common. They are all practicing some discipline and their own understanding of ki to deepen and enlarge. For one that tai ch’i chuan, for another ch’i kung, kung fu, meditation or other spiritual practice. In essence, she appeared not only strengthen their own inner chi, but they also develop their ability to ki perceive the outside world. Personally, I’ve discovered shiatsu, both giving and receiving, a substantial part of my life that helps me further my ki life to understand. If you feel like with ki work in your life, I recommend you to inform one of the systems I have mentioned, to help you understand ki, observe and apply in a broader context, which will add a new dimension to your perception. Enjoy!

Massage school (Hong Kong) – Head Massage learning 泰式按摩 腳底按摩 學按摩

Learn Thai Massage – Lesson Six – Head Massage
supported by Wanchai Thai Massage School, hong kong

Wanchai Thai Massage School offers a Professional Massage Therapy course that is a comprehensive massage course of instruction offering massage training that bridges intellectual discipline with technical expertise. Massage therapy training is one of the fastest-growing areas of health care – an industry itself expanding rapidly.

It is an intensive massage course of instruction that bridges intellectual discipline with technical expertise. Grounded in the value of client centered care, courses in massage theory and practice, communication and ethics in therapeutic relationships, as well as real life clinical experience, are supported and complemented by studies in structure, function and disease of the human body.

Course Duration: 4 classes (1.5 hours per class )

Course Fee: HK$980 per person (2 persons for only HK$1,800 )

Course Schedule: We offer a great flexibility! You can select any available schedule from 10:00 to 22:00 (Every Monday to Saturday).

Course Tutor: All instructors from Thailand (Chinese / English Speaking )

Wanchai Thai Massage School教授專業按摩知識,並提供實際應用訓練,是全面的按摩課程。此泰式按摩療­­法課程融會理論知識和技術應用,課程設計基於以客為本的護理原則,包括按摩理論與實­踐­和溝通技巧。

課程時間:四堂 (每堂1.5小時)
課程費用:每人港幣 $ 980
課程表:我們提供極大的靈活性,可自由選擇10:00至 18:00(星期一至星期四)

Email: [email protected]