Hong Kong Districts

Hong Kong is divided into 18 districts. The 18 districts are divided into three areas. Hong Kong Island is the original colony in 1842, Hong Kong has the financial core of its northern coast. Kowloon is located north of Victoria Harbor, the southern part of Kowloon was paid in 1860. The much larger New Territories was the latest addition to the territory of Hong Kong in 1898.

Hong Kong escorts

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Happy Ending

If you are visiting Hong Kong and looking for a massage there will be a chance that your are looking for a massage including a happy ending. The safest and most confienent way to recieve this kind of massage is to call a hotel massage service. If you ask most company’s they will never tell you that they will provide happy ending massage, so don’t bother asking.

Another option is to call a company that offers tantric massage. The price will be including a happy ending if you ask for it. Also in this case this information cannot be found on any company’s website. Its just something you need to know.

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Hong Kong is one of the major business centers of Asia. The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Victoria Harbour is a great reflection of this. This center opened its doors in 1997, just before Hong Kong was annexed to China. An older section dates from 1988. The old and the new section, located on an artificial island, connected by a bridge. The roof of the new building looks like a bird. The gigantic complex takes almost 6.5 hectares. Pedestrian tunnels, the building is connected to the Central Plaza Tower, hotels and other commercial buildings.

Tsim Sha Tsui Massage

Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon) the center of Kowloon. In Tsim Sha Tsui there are a lot of massage parlors. On every corner of the street there will be a women asking you if you want to do massage. You will never know what you are getting when you are walking in a random massage parlor in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The area is the border in the north and east of Austin Road, Hong Chong Road.

Hong Kong’s Tsuen Wan Line subway line in Tsim Sha Tsui station is located in the region. Kowloon-Canton Railway East Rail line was expanded in 2004 to extend to Hung Hom Station to East Tsim Sha Tsui station, which is a tunnel network in Tsim Sha Tsui subway station.


Hong Kong Subway

Hong Kong’s metro is much later date than that of other world cities. Only in the years 1960 and 1970 was, by the enormous growth of the Hong Kong population and the demand for accessibility, a plan for a metro network in Hong Kong presented. Finally in 1975 the plunge and started building the Kwun Tong Line between Kwun Tong and Shek Kip Mei, who in 1979 was put into use.

Hong Kong Girl


Hong Kong Girl

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage has flourished the last couple of years. Almost every spa, massage salon and masseuse offers a hot stone massage these days. This massage technique differs a bit from more traditional techniques because of the use of stones as an attribute in the treatment. Instead of using hands, fingers and arms to massage a client, the stones do most on the work.

A hot stone massage can relax both body and mind. That a hot stone massage gives the client a great sense of relaxation in the mind is well known, but it also has several benefits for the body. The hot stones are used to release stress in muscles and speed up the blood circulation to help the body get rid of toxins faster. It relaxes the muscles and relieves stress in the body.

The stones that are used for a hot stone massage are heated and cold. They are used to massage the body with its temperature. The masseuse will cover the client in essential oils and place the stones on the seven chakras, known from traditional Chinese medicine, and on the hands and feet. The hot lava stones will be heated up to a temperature of 61 C which makes the muscles and mind relax during the massage.

Slim Hong Kong Girl