Swedish Massage

17 maart 2010 | Massage

The Swedish massage is one of the most common types of massage and is considered a medical procedure.

The Swedish gymnastics teacher Per Hennik Ling is the base support of this massage. He has this massage technique developed on the basis of the gym. That is to say that there is extensive use is made of the bending, twisting and stretching of the muscles and tendons.

It is therefore a firm, but at the same relaxing massage.

What is a Swedish massage

The Swedish massage is used to improve blood and lymph through the body to stimulate. Blood is, as everyone knows circulated through the body with your heart, but what many people do not know is that the lymph through the body to be transported. This occurs by movement of the body, with the right massage techniques can be stimulated transport of waste.

Also a Swedish massage used for adhering muscles to relax and as blockages in the body to solve.

How do you give a Swedish massage

A Swedish massage is always a fixed structure with a 6 many basic operations.

Start with effleurage. These are soft, long, gliding with little pressure on the body.

The following is an Petrissage, this is the kneading of the tissue beneath the skin. Think of kneading and twisting of muscles. But the twisting, rolling and picking up the skin are included. A Petrissage it is important that along with the circulation moving.

For the rest can still be used making tapotement, the rhythmic beat with the side or heel of the hand in regions where tissue is, never do this somewhere where the bone just below the skin, this is not pleasant for the recipient !

After treatment you will feel that you are deeply relaxed, but still not tired like some massages.

When doing a Swedish massage can be used as a massage oil to the resistance between hand and skin to reduce, thus enabling smoother movement over the skin making.

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